Sneak Peak at New Marriott/SPG Program Award Categories

April 23rd, 2018

Today, Marriott unveiled a little sampler of what’s to come with their new Marriott/SPG program – more specifically a glimpse into the new Award Categories.


They composed a Free Night redemption chart for the Top 5 redemption destinations around the globe – Bali, Caribbean & Mexico, Dubai, New York and last but not lease, Paris.  This will give us a general idea of what we can expect come August.


Just a few points to help you as your navigating the award charts below:

  • “Current Points Required” represent the amount you currently need to redeem a for a free night at either Marriott or SPG.
    • SPG property point requirements have been multiplied by 3 for ease of use.
  • “New Award Chart Points” represents the new amount of points you’ll need to redeem for a free night when the new program launches in August.
  • “Points Difference” represents the change in points between the “old” and “new” award chart
  • “New Award Chart Category” represents the category placement of the property when the new program rolls out.




Bali Top Hotels Redemption Chart


Caribbean & Mexico

Caribbean and Mexico Top Hotels Redemption Chart



Dubai Top Hotels Redemption Chart


New York

New York Top Hotels Redemption Chart



Paris Top Hotels Redemption Chart




Based on the small sample that Marriott has given us, it’s hard to dissect the overall change that’s coming in August.

On the surface however, it seems like there is a lot of give and take, with a mix of higher category hotels coming down in “price” and lower category hotels going up.  This could have to do with where the property is in proximity to city centers or even popular landmarks within the city.

Moreover, Marriott has stated that hotels/properties that for scheduled to become Category 8 in 2019, will be placed in Category 7 for the time being. This means that you’ll be saving 25,000 points per night for the rest of the year should you happen to have those specific properties on your radar.

Ex. The St. Regis in New York is currently 105,000 Points per night (35,000 Starpoints) but come August it will only cost 60,000 points (20,000 Starpoint equivalent).  That’s a pretty phenomenal savings!

A big kudos to Marriott for sharing this with us and hopefully they can continue to highlight other cities and the amount of points needed at other properties.

~Keep Wandering

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