Our trip to Hawaii was going to be an early one with a 7:45am departure so we decided to spend the night at a hotel close to Pearson Airport. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure (as we do with any trip to be honest) that we had all our items packed and ready to go the night before.



We also had to take into consideration that the time would also be “springing forward” after midnight so we made sure to double and triple check our clocks and alarms. Needless to say, the next morning proved to be quite the debacle.


We awoke to our pre-set alarms, quickly got ready, grabbed our bags and our little one (who was half awake) and set off to the airport. The first thing that I noticed when we got into the car was the time on the clock radio. The time it showed was an hour earlier (keep in mind that we had already set it an hour ahead of time before we left it the night before) than what our phones and hotel clocks showed.


Long story short, we ended up waking up an hour earlier than planned. Not a huge deal, although for those with children, it would have been nice if the little one had that extra hour of sleep.


In hindsight, it was actually a blessing in disguise that we were at the airport an hour early since grabbing our boarding pass for the little one took over an hour. You would think that an airport would be better staffed during the March Break but I digress.


With the not-so-much-extra time we had, we headed to the Plaza Premium Lounge which was located nearby our gate. For a Sunday morning before 7am, it was packed. Luckily we were able to snag two couch chairs in the back section “family area” (convenient much?) with the help of one of the nice lounge workers.

View from the Lounge


The lounge itself is shaped like an “L” and consists of couch chairs with side tables as well as high-top breakfast bars which are more suitable for eating compared to the couch chairs. The food and drink area is tucked away into the lower L portion of the lounge and consisted of a few hot items including scrambled eggs and sausage patties, as well as a mini salad bar, apples, some breads and spreads.


Food Station


Alongside the food was a mini fridge with milk, soda and yogurt, a juice dispensing machine and lastly an automatic coffee machine.


Surprisingly enough, there was a longer wait for the coffee machine than there was for the food so we made quick work of getting our food first, then endured the 10 minute wait for our coffees afterward.


Beverage Station


For what it’s worth, the lounge wasn’t that bad. For our purposes, it had a sufficient offering of food (not only for ourselves but the little one as well which was a bonus!) and a comfy place to sit. With that being said, I could see how it could turn into somewhat of a frustrating experience given the overall crowdedness, wait times for hot beverages and perhaps lack of food offerings.

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