Review: Hampton Inn Manhattan-SoHo, New York City

August 17th, 2018

After our 3-night stay at the Millennium Hilton in Midtown East, we decide to move our last night to the Lower Manhattan, more specifically, SoHo. Fun Fact: SoHo stands for “South of Houston Street. 

You can immediately feel a difference once your in SoHo – wider sidewalks which translates into cafe’s/bars with patios, more shops, a little quieter, etc.  SoHo definitely reminds me of being in the Annex in Toronto.  

For our last night in Manhattan we decided to stay at the Hampton Inn Manhattan-SoHo.  If you’re looking to use your Hilton Honors points here, the rates fluctuate depending on dates at around 28,000-48,000 Hilton Honors points per night with cash rates around the $129-229USD range.

Hampton Inn Manhattan Soho

Our Room

Since it was a beautiful day and we really had no agenda (and because we didn’t want to pay $20+ for an Uber ride), we decided to walk the 5km to the Hampton Inn.    And once again, similar to our experience at the Millennium Hilton, we arrived early and naturally our room wasn’t quite ready.  We stored our bags and headed out to explore the surrounding area for a few hours.

When we came back closer to check-in time, our room had been serviced and our keys were ready for us.  Like our previous stay at the Millennium Hilton, I had emailed the Hampton prior to our arrival and we were notified that we had been upgraded to their 1-King Bed City View with Private Terrace which was located on the top (19th) floor. I’ve stayed in a lot of Hamptons and generally speaking, you’re not going to find a property with upgraded room types.  You may come across properties that have Jacuzzi’s in the room and some with two rooms, but this property was an exception and I’ll let the pictures speak to that.  Full disclosure, this room was not without it’s problems/issues but for what it’s worth, I can appreciate the vision even if the execution wasn’t quite there.

We were situated in Room 1907 for our stay which was a corner unit located on the top floor, across from the hotels rooftop terrace.  This room had a king bed, closest, coffee maker, couch as well as a t.v in the main living area.  Adjacent to the bed was the sliding patio door which led to the private terrace.  I’d say that the views from the terrace are the real winner for this corner suite with unobstructed views towards Midtown and East Manhattan, especially the Empire State Building.  At night, I was actually able to see the reflection of the One World Trade Center in the building across from our terrace.  Wasn’t super clear but cool nevertheless!

King bed private terrace room
Private terrace
View from terrace
Dusk view
Night view
Night view
One World Trade Center reflection

Off the bedroom area was the “bathroom area” with a corner glass shower, sink, and separate toilet room.  I say “bathroom area” because really, it wasn’t a separate room compared to other hotels you stay in.  The shower was literally open to the room and the whole of New York.  Technically, the frosted glass and shower curtain provided privacy to the millions of passerby below, but not the rest of the hotel room.  I think it’s safe to say this room isn’t suited for families or friends traveling together – or is it? Who knows! To each their own I say. I must admit, this was the most unique shower setup I’ve seen in a hotel and to say it was in a Hampton Inn of all properties is a pretty bold move! Kudos to you Hampton Inn, kudos to you!

Glass shower


I find that the Hampton Inn brands offer pretty great value given what you have access to when you stay there.  This particular property offered free breakfast, a fitness centre on the lower level as well as an on-site bar/lounge for evening dining as well as drinks.

Fitness Center

Unfortunately this property didn’t have an indoor pool and I’m not surprised given the size of its footprint and it also charges $45USD for parking per day which is located off-site.  The bar/lounge was on the main level just off the lobby and was called “Artifakt Bar and Lounge”.  Why they chose to spell it that way, I have no idea and truth be told I can’t help but laugh as I type this blog post and wonder why on earth they decided to go that route. It was open daily from 5pm-midnight and from what I could tell, they seemed to specialize in mixed drinks/cocktails.  We didn’t end up going but it seemed like it could be a cool place to chill and hang out!

Artifakt Bar and Lounge

The main lobby also had a business centre with few desktops where you could print for free if need be.  Just off the lobby, near the back of the hotel was the breakfast area which was quite spacious.  I particularly like that the dining area was located in a covered, lean to terrace/patio section.  It was super bright since the ceiling was essentially glass and it was large and had a bunch of tables and booths.

Breakfast area
Breakfast/dining area

The breakfast options were plentiful and typical of what you’d receive at a Hampton – a few hot items (we had eggs, sausages and potatoes), a bunch of cereal and bread options, juices, milk, coffee, fresh fruit, pastries, etc.  The hot items do rotate daily but you can expect some sort of egg dish, a protein of sorts (bacon, sausage, etc) and a starch (usually potatoes/hash browns, etc).  I mean for the most part I’m perfectly content with the breakfast options they provide but always hope that I’m not there when they have their sketchy, albeit infamous for unbeknownst reasons (to me anyway) , “Bagel Toppers” on the menu.  I’ll let you Google it if you really want to know what it is!

Location wise, you’re in the thick of SoHo which is within walking distance to the Hudson River on the west side, as well as the infamous Chelsea Market and The High Line to the north.  For those of you who have never been to the Chelsea Market, it’s a hipper version of the St.Lawrence Market in Toronto.

You’re also within distance to the One World Trade Centre and Wall Street to the immediate south and if you wanted to take a couple kilometre hike, you could head east and venture across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I’d highly recommend it! Unlucky for us, it started to downpour like there was no tomorrow when we crossed the bridge.  Needless to say we got soaked which was not ideal since we had to catch a homebound flight in a few hours! Luckily we were granted a late check-out which afforded us almost enough time to dry our clothes.  Also, you’re down the street from the Holland Tunnel but to be honest, although the area was usually busy with car traffic, it wasn’t overly loud in the area.


Wrap Up

The Hampton Inn Manhattan-SoHo was a great hotel and it’s location is pretty prime if you’re looking to stay in the west village/SoHo area.  You’re slightly removed form the hustle and bustle yet close enough to still enjoy the surrounding attractions.  You’ve got most of the amenities you could want in a property minus the pool, and you can’t complain about free breakfast which is usually a winner at Hampton Inns, unless you’ve got those Bagel Toppers, but I digress!

My only issues with the hotel (nothing earth-shattering by any means) was the general maintenance and upkeep of the rooms.  We think that our sliding door to the terrace was leaking since the floor around the opening was wet.  Also, the shower area looked like it was hacked together – the door wouldn’t stay closed and caused water to splash out on the floor – and the bathroom sink was leaking from the cold water faucet.  Wallpaper was also peeling from multiple areas and the ceiling was starting to show some cracked/peeling paint.

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