As the great David Bowie once said…

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changessssss. Turn and face the strange. Ch-ch-changes…”  


Well folks, it has undoubtably happened.  The American Express Business Platinum card has had a change, albeit a minor one.  “Change?? What change?? No more referral bonus?? Decreased Welcome Bonus?! Tell us, Steve!!” Patience Grasshopper.

Sneak Peak: 

  • Increase in the Annual Fee  
  • Priority Pass Changes 

Before we all get a little crazy now, I want to preface this blog post by telling you straight up that these recent changes could have been worse.  A lot worse.  Quite honestly, it’s not a major game changer by any stretch.  It all depends on how you value these changes.  Let’s have a look. 

Bells & Whistles: 

Now, you all remember from my Business Platiinum review I posted recently, how coveted this card is.   

I mean, first of all, the Welcome Bonus is massive.  At a whopping 75,000 MR points, even if you redeemed this for a straight up 1% statement credit (which you wouldn’t right?) you would get $750 worth of value from it.  If you were to transfer it to SPG for instance, you would get 37,500 Starpoints and valued at an attainable 3% that would net you $1,125.  There’s no denying that this card packs some serious punch.   Some other key benefits were: 

  • Referral Power: 25,000 MR Points per successfully approved referral to any MR earning card (up to a Max. 225,000 MR Points/Calendar Year) 
  • Earning Power: 1.25 MR per dollar on everything.  
  • Lounge Benefits: Free Priority Pass Membership (Must pay entry fee however) 

Now, the changes.  Let’s stop mucking about and get right to it. Drum roll please. 

I mentioned there was a change to the Annual Fee as well as the Lounge Benefits. 

  • The Annual Fee on the Business Platinum card as gone up 25% from $399 up to $499. Ouch. 
  • The Lounge Benefits have gotten better! The Business Platinum Card is now on par with the personal Platinum card in the sense that you now have free entry into the lounges!  

Okay, let’s take a closer look at what this all translates into.  You are effectively paying $100 extra for the Business Platinum card in exchange for zero out of pocket lounge access.  To put that into perspective, you would have to use the lounge at least 3 times for the extra $100 to be worth it.  And if you don’t use the lounge at least 3 times? Honestly, it’s still a kick ass card to have.  Think about it, you’re still getting 75,000 MR points, as well as 25,000 MR points for referrals plus the free lounge entry.  It’s very close to par compared to the Personal Platinum card, minus the $200 annual travel credit and the 10,000 extra referral bonus (which is worth a minimum of $100).  

Bottom line, the Welcome or Referral Bonus still make this card a continued success and you should definitely jump on it before the other changes come…”Wait, did you say other changes? More changes??” 

Well, yeah.  I didn’t want to mention them right away but I hate to break it to you and pelase don’t shoot the messenger, but there MAY be some changes to the Referral Bonus…in a bad way. *Runs for cover*  Take a look below. 


Business Platinum Card Referral Change

“To be eligible for this referral bonus, your friend must apply for the Card by March 21st, 2018. We can still accept applications after this date but you may or may not be eligible for a bonus.” 


Yikes! Yeah, tell me about it.  It was a huge shocker.  To be completely honest, I had a feeling changes to the referral were coming.  I recevied an email not too long ago from Amex reminding me about the 25,000 MR referral bonus and that this offer was valid for at least 30 days.  I thought to myself, “Why are they mentioning this is valid for 30 days? It’s not like it’s a promotional offer or anything.  I hope this doesn’t mean that they are giving me a heads up of the impending doom of the massive referral!” 

There is a lot of speculation that the referral bonus will plummet to 15,000 MR points.  I guess we won’t know for sure until it happens, on March 21st. 


Wrap Up: 

With all this being said, there is much to think about.  If you haven’t applied for the Business Platinum card, I highly recommend you do so now that way you can at least get in a few referrals before March 21st rolls around.   

Remember, applying for the Business Platinum card through a referral link will get you the 75,000 MR Welcome Bonus. If you apply directly through the Amex website, you will lose out and only get 40,000 MR points. Please consider using my referral link below to apply that way you can secure your 75,000 Welcome bonus plus you would be greatly helping to support the blog.

I will keep you posted as new information comes in ladies and gents and as always, any questions, feel free to reach out to me! 


~Keep Wandering 

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