Canada Post Offers - Amex Business Platinum and Business Gold

August 11th, 2018

**Update December 21st 2018: This offer has been discontinued – Best available offer is currently through a referral which nets you 75K MR after $7,000 Minimum Spend in 3 months.  You can read all about the Business Platinum here.



Over the past year we’ve seen a lot of changes within American Express, more notably those that affected the charge-cards which include the Gold Rewards Card, Business Gold Card, Business Platinum Card and Personal Platinum Card.


These changes included:

  • Business Platinum Card Changes involving minimum spending requirement, welcome and referral bonus, and increased annual fee
  • Personal Gold and Business Gold Card – the removal of the annual fee waiver

Before the aforementioned devaluations, the best strategy for Amex cards was to utilize and take advantage of the Annual Fee Waivers, as well as generous and attractive Welcome/Referral Bonus’.  One would simply start out with the Business Platinum Card and simply self-refer to the other cards in the Amex lineup over the course of a year and then simply “rinse and repeat”.  Although still doable, unfortunately this isn’t the best route anymore.


The next best strategy was to take advantage of offers which were made available to individuals that belonged to a certain organization.  More specifically, the Perkopolis and Venngo offers for the Amex Gold Card which was effectively giving statement credits to wipe out the Annual Fees in addition to the 25,000MR Welcome Bonus.


Well, there is a new proverbial “kid on the block” and that is the American Express Business Platinum and Business Gold offers via Canada Post Solutions for Small Business.



Canada Post Solutions for Small Business Offers


For those of you who don’t know what the Solutions for Small Business is, it’s basically a Canada Post business membership for those who have to ship items as part of their business.  In a nutshell, they help out small business owners by providing discounts on shipping costs for parcels and direct mail.


What’s the catch? There is no catch really.  The membership is free and all you really need to qualify is to “ship fewer than 1,250 parcels and send less than 100,000 pieces of direct mail in a year”.  Whoops, had a bad year and shipped out zero parcels? I’m sure you’d still qualify.


All joking aside, I’ve been a member of this program for a few years now and have appreciated the savings on my shipments.


This offer, compared to the current Amex offers for the Business Gold and Business Platinum Card, you’ll still come out ahead, even when you consider the lost referral bonus.  Let’s take a look at the Canada Post Offers below.

Canada Post Solutions for Small Business Offers

Compared to the standard Amex Biz Gold offer through a referral (40,000 MR, $250 AF), you will save $250 in Annual Fees.   And in terms of the Business Platinum Card, you’ll be receiving an additional 15,000 MR in Welcome Bonus plus $100 off the Annual Fee.


The above Canada Post offers more than offset the loss from the referral bonus (15,000 MR) if you were to refer yourself to the card(s) via the Platinum Card.



Wrap Up

You can apply for the Canada Post offers below using the corresponding link.  Remember that you’ll need the respective RSVP code in order to complete the application. And thanks to Canada Post, they’ve included the RSVP codes right on the application landing page!

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to sign up for a Solutions for Small Business membership while your at it as it may come in handy one day and save you some money on shipping costs.

Apply For The Canada Post Amex Offer:

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  1. Can I apply for the Canada Post cards while also holding the regular Amex cards or are they treated as one and the same? Thanks for the info.

    1. Hey Dom. They are treated one and the same (unlike Amex Gold and Scotia Amex Gold) although there are DP of people holding more than one of the same Amex business cards for the “different business” they have.

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